FGSC #1823 Mating Types: A Species: Neurospora intermedia
Genotype : N. intermedia
Alleles: Varkud-1c, India Utilization may require PIC/MAT re Nagoya Protocol Check https://absch.cbd.int/
Stock No. from Other Collection: P0343
Depositor of Strain: DDP
Strain of Opposite Mating Type: 1822
Perkins ID Number: P0343
Results of cross to Neurospora crassa: barren x fl a couple spores
Results of cross to Neurospora intermedia: 90% x P342,P318-1
Color: WT
Spore Killer: 2S3S
Collection Site: VARKUD,Karnataka India
Site Data: Neen tree & near veg'n by cane field 14Km S Mysore
Substrate from which the sample was collected: burn
Collected by: DDP
Date Colleted: 4/14/1969
Perkins Reference: AKINS, R.A. et al.1986. Mitoch. plasmids of N.:Integr.into mitoch.DNA & evidence reverse transcriptaseCell 47:505-516
Perkins Reference: COLLINS, R.A. & LAMBOWITZ, A.M.1983. Structural variations and optional introns in the mitoch. DNAs of N. strains isoPlasmid 9:53-70
Perkins Reference: NARGANG, F.E.1986. Conservation of a long open reading frame in two N. mitoch. plasmidsMol. Biol. Evol. 3:19-28
Perkins Reference: NARGANG, F.E.1985. Fungal mitoch. plasmidsExp. Mycol. 9:285-293
Perkins Reference: Kuiper,M.T.R., & Lambowitz1988. A novel reverse transcriptase activity associated with mitoch. plasmids of N.Cell 55:
Perkins Reference: Lambowitz, Alan M.1989. Infectious intronsCell 56:323-326
Perkins Reference: Saville, Barry J. and Richard A. Collins1991. RNA-mediated ligation of self cleavage products of a N mitochondrplasmd trnscrptProc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 88:8826
Perkins Reference: COLLINS, R.A., AND B.J. SAVILLE1990. Indpendent transfer of mitoch. chrom's &plasmids during unstable veg. fus'n in NNature 345:177-179
Perkins Reference: ARGANOZA, M.T. AND R. A. ATKINS1995. Recombinant mitochondrial plasmids in Neurospora composed of Varkud and a new multimeric mitochondrial plasmidCurr. Genet. 29:34-43

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