FGSC #9376 Species: Neurospora crassa
Genotype: smco-6;col-1
Alleles: R2477,Y8743c
Linkage Group(s): VR,IVR
Stock No. from Other Collection: OG11
Depositor of Strain: OG
Lesion: col-1 colonial-1
Lesion Information for Marker:
      Linkage Group of col-1: IVR
      Markers Left of col-1: Linked to pan-1 (0/47) and cot-1 (3%)
Marker description or requirements:
      IVR. Linked to pan-1 (0/47 asci) and cot-1 (3%) (46, 374). Colonial morphology, with no macroconidiation. Growth cyclic at moderate temperatures; steady at 38°C. Double mutant col-1 cot-1 grows better than col-1 at 24°C and better than cot-1 at 38°C (374). The double mutant pe;col-1forms microconidia (46) and was used in early mutation studies, but col-4;pe fl was found to be better (386). It was found (416) that pe;col-1 strains form microconidia at 25°C but form macroconidia at 35°C. Cell wall analysis; photograph (278). col-5 and col-8 not tested for allelism.
Lesion: smco-6 semicolonial-6
Lesion Information for Marker:
      Linkage Group of smco-6: VR
      Markers Left of smco-6: met-3 (14%)
      Markers Right ofsmco-6: Linked to asn (6%), near pyr-6
Marker description or requirements:
      VR. Right of met-3 (14%). Linked to asn (6%), near pyr-6 (156, 698).
Reference for: smco-6: 156. Catcheside, D. E. A. 1973. New linkage data for group V markers in N. crassa. Neurospora Newsl. 20:43-44.
Reference for: smco-6: 698. Morgan, M. P. , L. Garnjobst, and E. L. Tatum. 1967. Linkage relations of new morphological mutants in linkage group V of Neurosporacrassa. Genetics 57:605-612.
Reference for: smco-6: 11018. Grindle & Temple 1983. NN 30:7-8


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