FGSC #158 Mating Types: a Species: Neurospora crassa
Genotype: met-7 wc-1 nt
Alleles: 4894 P829 C86
Linkage Group(s): VIIR VIIR VIIR
Stock No. from Other Collection: 7047
Depositor of Strain: DDP
Strain of Opposite Mating Type: 0
Lesion: met-7 methionine-7
Enzyme Name: cystathionine-g-synthase
Lesion Information for Marker:
      Linkage Group of met-7: VIIR
      Markers Left of met-7: qa-2 (<1%), ars (<1%), and the centromere
      Markers Right ofmet-7: met-9 and wc-1(1-4%)
Marker description or requirements:
      VIIR. Right of qa-2 (<1%), ars (<1%), and the centromere (one second-division ascus in several hundred). Left of met-9 (10[-4]) and wc-1 (1 to 4%) (146, 725; M.E. Case, personal communication). (718; M.K. Allen, cited in references 718 and 789) Uses cystathionine, homocysteine, or methionine (718; N. H. Horowitz, cited in reference 1180). Lacks cystathionine-gamma-synthase (547) (Fig. 17). This enzyme is also lacking in the mutant met-3 (547). See met-3 for regulation. Apparently contiguous with met-9by coconversion. Flanking markers are recombined in most met-7+ met-9+ recombinants (725). Functionally distinct from the mutant met-9, which has active cystathionine-gamma-synthase (547) but cannot use homocysteine. No mutants lacking both functions have been isolated. Allele NM251 is suppressible by supersuppressor RN33 (same as ssu-1?) (725). Allele K79 is inseparable from reciprocal translocation T(I;VII)K79 (808).
Reference for: met-7: 146. Case. M. E. , and N. H. Giles. 1976. Gene order in the qa gene cluster of N. crassa. Mol. Gen. Genet. 147:83-89.
Reference for: met-7: 547. Kerr, D. S. , and M. Flavin. 1970. The regulation of methionine synthesis and the nature of cystathionine-synthase in Neurospora. J. Biol. Chem. 245:1842-1855.
Reference for: met-7: 718. Murray, N. E. 1960. The distribution of methionine loci in Neurospora crassa. Heredity 15:199-206.
Reference for: met-7: 725. Murray, N. E. 1970. Recombination events that span sites within neighbouring gene loci of Neurospora. Genet. Res. 15:109-121.
Reference for: met-7: 789. Perkins, D. D. 1959. New markers and multiple point linkage data in Neurospora. Genetics 44:1185-1208.
Reference for: met-7: 808. Perkins, D. D. , and E. G. Barry. 1977. The cytogenetics of Neurospora. Adv. Genet. 19:133-285.
Reference for: met-7: 1180. Zalokar, M. 1950. The sulfanomide-requiring mutant of Neurospora:threonine-methionine antagonism. J. Bacteriol. 60:191-203.
Lesion: nt nicotinic acid or tryptophan
Enzyme Name: tryptophan pyrrolase
Lesion Information for Marker:
      Linkage Group of nt: VIIR
      Markers Left of nt: arg-10 (2 to 12%)
      Markers Right ofnt: sk (7 to 18%)
Marker description or requirements:
      VIIR. Between arg-10 (2 to 12%) and sk (7 to 18%) (789). (874) Uses nicotinic acid. May respond also to tryptophan, phenylalanine, tyrosine, quinic acid, and precursors of nicotinic acid or tryptophan, or both, depending on genetic background (448, 760). Best supplemented with nicotinamide and scored as a nic mutant. Probably deficient in tryptophan pyrrolase (tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase) (Fig. 18), but direct evidence is lacking because tryptophan oxygenase cannot be assayed in Neurospora (368). Kynurenine formamidase levels are normal (368). Pyridine nucleotide levels (111).
Reference for: nt: 111. Brody, S. 1972. Regulation of pyridine nucleotide levels and ratios in Neurospora crassa. J. Biol. Chem. 247:6013-6017.
Reference for: nt: 368. Gaertner, F. H. 1981. A response to a letter from David Perkins concerning the question of whether nt mutants involve tryptophanpyrrolase. Neurospora Newsl. 28:12.
Reference for: nt: 448. Haskins, F. H. , and H. K. Mitchell. 1952. An example of the influence of modifying genes in Neurospora. Am. Nat. 86:231-238.
Reference for: nt: 760. Newmeyer, D. , and E. L. Tatum. 1953. Gene expression in Neurospora mutants requiring nicotinic acid or tryptophan. Am. J. Bot. 40:393-400.
Reference for: nt: 789. Perkins, D. D. 1959. New markers and multiple point linkage data in Neurospora. Genetics 44:1185-1208.
Reference for: nt: 874. Reisner, A. , R. W. Barratt, and D. Newmeyer. 1953. Confirmation of the seventh linkage group of Neurospora crassa. Genetics 38:685(Abstr. ).
Lesion: wc-1 white collar-1
Lesion Information for Marker:
      Linkage Group of wc-1: VIIR
      Markers Left of wc-1: met-9 (1 to 4%)
      Markers Right ofwc-1: un-10 (7%) and for (6%)
Marker description or requirements:
      VIIR. Right of met-9 (1 to 4%). Left of un-10 (7%) and for (6%) (724, 812, 816). Carotenoids absent from mycelia; conidia become pigmented with some delay. Named because nonconidiating rim at top of agar slant remains white. A double mutant with flor other nonconidiating mutant would be classed as albino. Regulatory mutants for photoinduced carotenogenesis via blue light receptor might be expected to have a similar phenotype (444, 445). A blue light treatment (given in vivo), which increases the activity of soluble and microsomal enzymes required for phytoene biosynthesis in the wild type, does not do so in the mutant wc-1 (445). Fails to show phototropism of perithecial beaks when used as the female (protoperithecial) parent, but not when used as the male (fertilizing) parent (R. W. Harding, personal communication). Useful genetic marker (725, 800). Scoring clearest at high temperatures (34 C).
Reference for: wc-1: 444. Harding, R. W. , and W. Shropshire, Jr. 1980. Photocontrol of carotenoid biosynthesis. Annu. Rev. Plant Physiol. 31:217-238.
Reference for: wc-1: 445. Harding, R. W. , and R. V. Turner. 1981. Photoregulation of the carotenoid biosynthetic pathway in albino and white collar mutants ofNeurospora crassa. Plant Physiol. 68:745-749.
Reference for: wc-1: 724. Murray, N. E. 1969. Reversal of polarized recombination of alleles in Neurospora as a function of their position. Genetics 61:67-77.
Reference for: wc-1: 725. Murray, N. E. 1970. Recombination events that span sites within neighbouring gene loci of Neurospora. Genet. Res. 15:109-121.
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Reference for: wc-1: 816. Perkins, D. D. , D. Newmeyer, C. W. Taylor, and D. C. Bennett. 1969. New markers and map sequences in Neurospora crassa, with adescription of mapping by duplication coverage, and of multiple translocation stocks for testing linkage. Genetica 40:247-278.


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