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Notes on searching

To enable a full-text search, we disabled the taxa-limited search. Please leave the search setting to "All Strains".

To search the gene field for all strains carrying a particular locus, you will need to use the wildcard character *

For example, searching for his-3 finds 126 strains while searching for *his-3* finds 295 strains.
In the former case you only find strains with his-3 as their ONLY marker while in the latter case you find ALL strains that carry his-3 in addition to other markers.
Also, you cannot use boolean logic, such as AND/OR or NOT

To find strains from the Neurospora Knockout Project, you may search using the NCU number in the 'Gene' field. Please use the format "ncu0XXXX*" or "*XXXX*"
where XXXX is the number of the locus you are interested in and the asterisk (*) is a wildcard.

To help people access the FGSC holdings, the following files are being made available.

Neurospora crassa KO mutants
Neurospora crassa classical and tagged mutants
Other Neurospora mutants
N crassa Wild type
Other Neurospora Wild type
Aspergillus mutants
Aspergillus Wild type
Other species mutants and marked
Other Species Wild Type
Fusarium wildtypes (Nov 2018)
Fusarium mutants and marked

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