The 47th edition of the Fungal Genetics Newsletter contains articles and notes on a wide variety of topics. As usual, the Aspergillus and Neurospora bibliographies are included, as is the most recent Fungal Genetics Stock Center mailing list. The abstracts from the Neurospora 2000 conference at Asilomar are published as an electronic supplement available at the FGSC web site. The 8th edition of the FGSC catalog is also available. As always, suggestions regarding the Newsletter are welcome at any time and should be directed to the Newsletter Editor, the FGSC Director and/or to the Fungal Genetics Policy Committee. All address changes and subscription inquiries should be directed to the FGSC.

Peter Russell has been the Editor of the Fungal Genetics Newsletter since 1981. He has done an exceptional job over the last two decades, and I know I speak for many of us in the community when I express gratitude for his sustained cheerful and rigorous service.

Matthew S. Sachs, Editor
Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology
Beaverton, Oregon

After almost two decades as editor of the Fungal Genetics Newsletter (formerly the Neurospora Newsletter), I decided it was time to hand the task over to someone new. I enjoyed being Editor very much, and I shall miss it. I wish Matt Sachs well in taking over the Editorship.

Peter Russell

Members of the Editorial Board:

Thomas Adams, Monsanto Mystic Research
A. John Clutterbuck, University of Glasgow
Stephen Free, SUNY Buffalo, New York
David J. Jacobson, Stanford University
Martin L. Pall, Washington State University
Alice Schroeder, Washington State University
Claude Selitrennikoff, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Eric U. Selker, University of Oregon
Richard Weiss, University of California, Los Angeles, California
Alan Upshall, Seattle, Washington
Olen C. Yoder, Novartis Agricultural Discovery Institute, San Diego, CA
Miriam Zolan, Indiana University, Indiana
John Kinsey, Fungal Genetics Stock Center, ex officio

Ad Hoc Reviewers
Jesus Aguirre
Rodolfo Aramayo
Jonathan Arnold
Barry Bowman
Stuart Brody
Daniel Ebbole
Louise Glass
Etta Kafer
Robert L. Metzenberg
Bruce Miller
Stefanie Poeggeler
Chuck Staben

Members of the Fungal Genetics Policy Committee:
Nancy Keller (Chair), Texas A &M University
Marc Orbach (Past Chair), University of Arizona
Tom Adams, Monsanto Mystic Research
Marie-Josee Daboussi, Universite Paris Sud
Louise Glass, University of California, Berkeley
John Hamer, Paradigm Research
Regine Kahmann, University of Munich
Giuseppe Macino, Universita La Sapienza
Matthew S. Sachs, Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology
John Kinsey, Fungal Genetics Stock Center, ex officio
Kevin McCluskey, Fungal Genetics Stock Center, ex officio
Peter Russell, Reed College, ex officio
Richard Weiss ex officio

Members of the Neurospora Policy Committee
Michael Plamann, (Chair) University of Missouri at Kansas City
Mary Anne Nelson, University of New Mexico
Eric Selker, University of Oregon
Dan Ebbole, Texas A&M University

Editorial, publication and distribution costs supported by donations and subscriptions to the Fungal Genetics Newsletter and by grant DBI 9726962 from the Biological Research Program, National Science Foundation.

Distributed by: Fungal Genetics Stock Center, Dept. of Microbiology, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS

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