Aspergillus Newsletter, Volume 6


pages 1-4     Mailing List

page 5          Publications

Preliminary Notes on Current Research

C.Ball     page 6
An "unstable" state associated with gene suppression

R.N. Neder     pages 6-7
Temperature sensitive lethals in A. nidulans

J.L. de Azevedo     page 7
The Centromere of Chromosome VII of Aspergillus nidulans

B.W. Bainbridge     pages 8-9
The Arginine Crossing Technique

G.J.O. Jansen     page 10

Johanna C. Stobels     pages 11-12
Mutatgenic Effects of DNA in Aspergillus nidulans

A.J. Clutterbuck     page 12
A fawn conidia mutant in Aspergillus nidulans

G. Dorn & W. Rivera     pages 13-14
Supplementary list of located or partially located mutants in A. nidulans.

G. Dorn & W. Rivera     page 15
Recent Meiotic Linkages

Jean M. Foley, N.H. Giles, & C.F. Roberts     page 16
Suggested modifications of techniques.

C.F. Roberts     page 17
Failure of the membrane techniques for growth of mycelium on solid media

A.T. Bull     page 18
The Melanin of A. nidulans

A.T. Bull     page 18
Wild-type and Mutant Tyrosinases

A.T. Bull & A. Westbrook     page 18

A. Putrament     page 19
Prolonged appearance of pABA-independent recombinants in heteroallelic paba 2/paba18.

Clara Calvori & Giorgio Morpurgo     pages 20-21
On the nature of U.V. and HNO2 induced mutations in Aspergillus nidulans.

Etta Kafer-Boothroyd     pages 21-28
Tests for Translocations by Mitotic Linkage in Heterozygous Diploids

P.C. McMahon     page 29
Cytochrome patterns in A. nidulans.

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