Aspergillus Newsletter, Volume 4


Mailing List   pages 1-4

Publications: Aspergillus       page 5

Publications: Penicillium and General       page 6

Current Research Projects        page 7

Preliminary Notes on Current Research and New Linkage Data

Giorgio Morpurgo       page 8
Somatic segregation by p-fluorophenyl-alanine (p-FP).

Lorna J. Lilly       pages 8-9
A possible technique for the simultaneous measurement of forward mutation rate in several cistrons.

D.J. Cove       page 9
Unlinked loci associated with nitrogen reductase in A. nidulans

D. Apirion       page 9
Phenotype of paba1 with succinate as only carbon source.

G.A. van Arkel       page 9
Sodium arsenate as an inducer of somatic reduction.

J. Foley & N.H. Giles       page 10
Studies with adenine-requiring mutants of A. nidulans.

M. Grindle       page 10
A comment on the heterokaryon compatibility of Aspergillus nidulans.

G. Dorn       page 10
A revised map of the right arm of chromosome IV.

C. de Palma & G. Morpurgo       page 11

Pages 12-14
Glasgow list of located or partially located mutants of Aspergillus nidulans.

E. Forbes       page 15
A Strain with all Chromosomes marked for use in haploidisation.

D. Apirion, G. Dorn, & E. Forbes       pages 15-16
The V111 linkage group

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