Aspergillus Newsletter, Volume 3


Cover, with notes from the author         page 1

Publications         page 2

Preliminary Notes on Current Research

C. Takeichi         page 3
New heterokaryons containing haploid and diploid nuclei

Z.A. Kwiatkowski         page 3
Mycelial mutants in A. nidulans

E. Kafer-Boothroyd         pages 3-4

G.A. van Arkel        page 4
A new color mutant: "pale".

R. Rita Arditti and P. Strigini         page 4
On the origin of ascopores with diploid nuclei in Aspergillus nidulans.

P. Strigini        page 5
On the effects of incorporated P32 in conidia of Aspergillus nidulans.

C.F. Roberts        pages 6-8
A difference in the complimentarity of pairs of mutants when combined in heterokaryons or heterozygous diploids.

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