Aspergillus Newsletter, Volume 12


Acknowledgements     page 1

Editor's letter; clearing house for gene symbols     page 2

Publications, A. nidulans bibliography supplement 1     pages 3-6

A. nidulans - submitted publications     pages 7-10

Related organisms     pages 11-12

Research Notes     page 13

A.C. Butcher & J. Croft.      page 13
Cytoplasmically determined barrage reaction in A. nidulans

A.J. Clutterbuck.      pages 13-15
Cyclic AMP during growth and conidiation.

G.F.St.L. Edwards, I.D. Normansell & G. Holt.       page 15
Benlate-induced haploidisation in diploid strains of A. nidulans & P. chrysogenum.

M.J. Hynes.      pages 16-17
Genzamide inhibited strains of A. nidulans.

M.J. Hynes.      pages 18-20
Caesium chloride sensitivity and ammonium repression in A. nidulans.

G.J.0. Jansen.       page 20
The order of some loci and the position of the centromere on chromosome III of A. nidulans.

E. Kafer.      pages 21-25
Aspergillus strains at the Fungal Genetics Stock Centre.

M.M. Lieber.      page 26
The location of pyro-12 in A. nidulans.

M.M. Lieber.      pages 26-27
Environmental and genetic factors affecting instability at mitosis in A. nidulans.

A.M. Millington- Ward, J.A.M. Reuser & J.Y. Scheele.      page 28
The hisB mutants of A. nidulans

B.R. Scott & T. Alderson.      pages 28-29
An observation on conidial germination times.

A. Upshall.      pages 29-30
Mutations increasing non-disjunction in A. nidulans

B.P. Valentine & B.W Bainbridge.      page 31
Properties and chromosomal locations of two mannose mutants.

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